Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My Radio Volume 38

single mp3 no breaks

compressed file 
depending on your player playback may have breaks in tracks. making it not so radio.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Nora Hate

"My favorite part of Nora Hate was the curse of no comparison.
Not that we had no influence, but they were vast , vauge and
sorted. This never did us any good in the real world, but In our
fantasy we were the rulers. No one sounded like us no one
abused the structure of song or the setiment of a love song quite
like us." Brody said.

Nora's Story
In 1991 Chad Belvill, Brody Maag & Justin Bloominstock  were playing together in the Creeps. They wrangled up Chad Trone and started Nora Hate. The band was named after a run down VW Bug that took them to practice. Chad B. decided to move to the East coast soon after. Before leaving he had replaced himself with Brian Berg, a guy from Arlington Heights that he knew. Brian was singing in Nora Hate for the second show? It was the second show at the Washington VFW in 1992 that really sparked Peoria's underground music scene for the 90's.

I think that line up of Nora Hate only played two or three more times till Justin moved on. Only one song remained after the line up change.
-1991 Practice Link
Chris Cowgil was lured from his 6 string to fill in Justin's spot on bass. Brody and Brian moved in with their friend Derrick. The three of them took shelter in an odd little house on Fredonia christened Fredomia High. That was the new home base for the band. Nora Hate hosted the first show at Airwaves Skatepark, which turned into the place to play in Peoria, sharing the floor with The 3Boyfriends, Terata, Frozen at Sea, Dollface, The Dave Moe Band, Resin and many others. The band was bringing in a lot of other Illinois bands. Hundreds of people came to those shows. So many different types of music played together. It was a mess of a party and everyone got into everything.

In 1992 the Corn Jam cassette was released. Corn Jam was recorded in Canton, IL with Ed Carper.

In 1993 they put together Stacey Looes Shakey. The record was also recorded at Ed's in Canton, this time with the help Matt Shane from Dollface and finished with Paul Adams for the final mix. A special gift lived in each release, like the surprise received in a Cracker Jacks box. The prizes were hand picked by each cassette's assembler. ....thanks Julie, Kim and Gared

-1993 Stacey Looes Shakey

Around this time, Nora Hate was invited by the Neptunes to make a little trip to the Smile Coffee in Davenport. This was captured by the owner.

Nora Hate at Smile Coffee   -   The Neptunes at Smile Coffee

1994 saw Nora Hate visiting Picture Perfect Studios in Bellevue, IL to record 3 songs for the Naked Bums "Now Playing in Peoria" Comp. Only two were used.

Chris got a house with Dave and "Pete" in Peoria. Nora Hate would relocate to that basement. Mostly playing shows downtown at the VFW that John Wright/Naked Bums would put on.

Brian had finished school at Bradley and moved back North. He was traveling down for shows and the occasional practice. To keep him up to date they got Jeremy Kerner and his 4-Track over to capture the current batch of songs they had going on. This would be the last product Nora Hate never released.....until 2014

-1996 Denoted

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Brody Maag Hits - I Need Electricity

What I did in 2013
by Brody Maag Hits

Full release with art and stuff:

if you just need:

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Dave Moe - Twistin' 'N' Twangin'

An instrumental masterpiece laced with revved up engines, moonshine, and apple pie. An Americana dream resting in the sweet history of days past. Sit with Dave accompanying your Hi Fi and listen as he twangs the night away.

Dave Moe - Twistin' 'N' Twangin' 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Dave Moe Band

A soaring squelch of an over driven 6 stringed
axe. Able to slay any rock mongrel with beats
and bass.The first introduction of The Dave Moe Band
exploded into my eardrums with excitement. With the
bearer of this vessel I also explored frightening realms
of mind altering chemicals. Issuing flames that filled
up a room as the music played on. Empowered by the
grooves we boasted. Like joyful children we moved
our discovery outside to show our crowded sprawl.
The next attempt shot fire that soared up to the sky to
bully the moon. If ears could smile!
Recorded with Chris Anderson
Featuring Dave Moe, Dave Van Kley, Ryan Geddes, Nick Bursett

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My Radio Volume 35


Some of my discoveries from 2012. Tell me what I'm missing.
Happy New Year
single mp3  1-2-13 repaired file

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Deceased Priest

Up all night before cigarettes were a danger,
huffing and puffing up adventure. I travel the
winding roads of memory. Full of a melancholy
warmth that daydreams emit. The sun is
shining somewhere, here it's just a shadow.
Angst busily building a drama within. At night
we drive down the road faster... faster, the
street lights pass like a pulse in my peripheral.
Cruising the town down dark streets later and
later till the sun crept into the picture. I hear
open nights with a morning most only sleep
through. Sounds stir up the past as dreams
beat in the rhythm. Sleeping should mean an
end to the day, while it really confirms.
Boredom is the only freedom that I can believe
 in. The sun shines upon beaches as dry as my
eyes while it's the distance between days that's
so hard to find. Brothers in arms swimming
through the deadness. It's no mystery where
the night went.
This takes me back. Not to something I've
heard before, but something I've felt. I can
remember the freedom of my first John Hughes
movie and the wonder and mystery that David
Lynch created in my mind. All the books and
images that made the darkness so inviting.
I remember the feeling of a naive abandon
that was not always encased in a weekend.
Living out an exciting drama yet never really
doing anything at all. I present a soundtrack
that I sunk into reliving some of my youth. In
reviewing a band I found myself reviewing my
life. Not to grade or regret. Just seeing some
of it again as my eyes were closed, and my
ears were engrossed in Deceased Priest.
tape one
tape two

Thursday, October 13, 2011

My Radio Volume 30

Some oldies, some 90's and some fresh tunes to keep me on the road. -Brody

Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Radio Volume 29

I just need to hear something that brightens my spirits. Drunken on this ear candy I smile in awe. Maybe I will sing along nodding my head and stomping my foot down the pathway to feeling better. ------Brody

walk with me

Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Radio Volume 28

Today I was lured out of bed with the first song echoing in my head. Truly a soundtrackicle zig zag of taste and time.

Feet don't fail me now. -Brody

take it

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


The last entry is completely inaccurate. This will be our first Peoria show since March. We are now playing at Eric's Loft in Lincoln on July 16th. A somewhat collaborative set with Sad Family. The lineup for July 29th is still Encounter At L-5 but now with 100% more Cory Flanigan.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


First show since March. With Encounter at L-5 and The Dark Water Hymnal (from Austin, TX)

Friday, May 27, 2011

My Radio Volume 27

Just get me through the day! -Brody

Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Radio Volume 26

Yes, more of the same old mess of rock, pop weirdo noise that helps me get down the road. Oh, maybe a little horns and some singer songwriter just to sweeten the deal. -Brody

Sunday, March 20, 2011


It seems that we won't release a full length 'til our line up changes.
So here it is, a new 2011 release that isn't quite a true
representation of now. Dave Moe has exited his evil eye position.
He leaves us with his document of space that will never be filled.
With his help technically, we recorded this current release. Mostly
in Pekin at our secluded loft hideaway, but also in the catacombs of
a Peoria basement. We had a few finishing touches at Tonelab Studio
while doing a final mix with Jeff Gregory. This is our current songlist
minus a few new tunes we have recently been previewing.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Lark's Tongue

A heavy pop that can lift you into
sadness. Rainy days, murky nights
A darkness climbing, climbing to
taste triumph with a fist in the air.
Christopher Bennett . Jeffery Hyde
Jonathan Beattie . Jonathan Wright
Nathaniel Lucas

Monday, February 21, 2011

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fast Food Revolution

I remember the walk to the straight edge house.
A house not named by the residents, It was only
that they didn't abuse themselves like we did. It
seemed fitting to name a house like it was our
opposite. Not good against bad, we all hung out
at the same shows, the same restaurants, just a
reference for conversation. Today they were
having an early show. Right down the back
alley and around the corner we walked. Excited
about what I was on my way to see because it was
my friends. I didn't know that I would walk away
feeling like I didn't really know them any more.
It was in the living room where I think I was first
blown away. Pulsing beats that set a pop dirge off
to other worlds. Mesmerizing attacks hooking me
into a groove. I swayed in awe just bewildered.
How could they have kept this a secret from me?

Then there was this other tape of 5 songs recorded
over whatever they could find. Mine was dubbed
over Ratt's "Invasion of Your Privacy".

The Other Tape:

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Next show is March 19. That's the flyer. Excited for the return of Heroes of the Kingdom. Also excited to play with Werepire Day. Also also excited to make available our full length. Professional mixes of songs we've been periodically distributing for the last year. You'll enjoy it, I'm sure.

Monday, January 31, 2011


We met Hushpad at the Pekin Marigold Festival in
the mid to late 90's. A friendship was sparked.
Meetings were set. North St. was the location for
the recording of "for kites and string". I don't
remember were the 4-Track came from. I don't
recall the exact year. I remember wonderful nights
pushing ideas with cymbals and snare, following
leads while nudging moments to blossom
into an enchanting escape. -Brody

side one 1. introducing...2. dear jenny 3. tennis anyone?
4. cricket (when he's at home) 5. part of everything/everything
gets psychedelic 6. wanderlust 7.watching the rain side two
8. china dance party usa! 9. with that light in your eyes
10. shindig 11. fallen leaves 12. a song for harold angel esquire
13. october and november 14. little ways 15. that ain't me
16. for kites and string
the end