Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fast Food Revolution

I remember the walk to the straight edge house.
A house not named by the residents, It was only
that they didn't abuse themselves like we did. It
seemed fitting to name a house like it was our
opposite. Not good against bad, we all hung out
at the same shows, the same restaurants, just a
reference for conversation. Today they were
having an early show. Right down the back
alley and around the corner we walked. Excited
about what I was on my way to see because it was
my friends. I didn't know that I would walk away
feeling like I didn't really know them any more.
It was in the living room where I think I was first
blown away. Pulsing beats that set a pop dirge off
to other worlds. Mesmerizing attacks hooking me
into a groove. I swayed in awe just bewildered.
How could they have kept this a secret from me?

Then there was this other tape of 5 songs recorded
over whatever they could find. Mine was dubbed
over Ratt's "Invasion of Your Privacy".

The Other Tape:


  1. Here you go bro.

  2. Mine was dubbed over Appetite fo Destruction.